My Glamorous Life

My life is all comedy.

When you get a knot in the drawstring of your pajama pants.


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2 thoughts on “My life is all comedy.”

  1. lmao That’s why I always leave the drawstring untied. Although there have been times…OMG! When you can’t get the button undone on your jeans! I have a pair of jeans that I no longer wear because they’re way too tight. They were always tight and there were 2 buttons on them – the normal one and another off about 2 inches to the side…not sure why it was there but I had to undo both to get my jeans off. I always wait till the last minute to go and, the jeans being really tight, it was always difficult to get the buttons undone and the jeans down in time. ^_^ lol


    1. I laughed too hard at this. Those jeans are some kind of paradoxical thought experiment on precognition. What if knowing the problem is coming is the cause of the problem.


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