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Mr. Relevant to my Interests

I got my flu shot on Friday, so I gave myself Saturday off and had a nice knit and Netflix binge. But I watched North and South, which I figure since I write romantic type stories, should sort of count as work.

I mean, I really do love a good, scowly hero in a romance. And Richard Armitage as Mr. Thornton gives all Mr. Darcys a run for their money.

Allow me to prove my point.

First it’s like…


Who is this woman and why is she up in my business?


Then there’s a whole lot of this.


I deeply resent you for making me like you.


Lightened now and then by a little of this.


But only when she’s not looking at me.


Some of this.


Dammit. Got caught not scowling at her.


Then this happens…


Wrapping up with some of this.



And then I was very much motivated to get back to work on my book.

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