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I’m finally ready to talk about the new president.

Here are a few of the things in my blog draft file:

  • Lies, Damn lies, and Statistics.
  • How this happened.
  • No, this is how this happened.
  • Okay, maybe THIS contributed to it, too.
  • What should happen now (in an ideal world where we could forgive each other as a nation and put out this Trumpster fire).
  • Rants about our Reality TV world (x2)
  • Essay on the definition of narcissism.
  • The space between “illegal” and “immoral.”
  • It’s not the end of the world.
  • Twitter is triggering my panic attacks.
  • Please don’t judge all Christians by political Christians.  Or, you know… “Christians.”
  • All the terrible things that happen when leaders are told they are Chosen By God. (Subtitle: WTF, Franklin Graham?)
  • Acceptance is not the same thing as surrender. (Saying “Not my president” is like saying “Not my cancer” and expecting your doctor to change your diagnosis.)
  • Until we stop holding Trump supporters in contempt (and vice versa), we will never make any progress toward compromise or unity.

I have wasted hours and hours of time I could have spent WAY more productively trying to put my feelings and opinions (because I do have them) into words. So why not post them?

Every time my finger hovered over the “publish” button, I couldn’t help feeling I wasn’t really helping, I was just adding to the cloud of panic, despair, anger, and even hate. Those are the same things I revile Trump for stirring up at his rallies, so do I want to put more of that into the universe? No.

You know what I do want to put into the universe? Kindness. Compassion. Equality. Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom from persecution.

So, I’ll just leave this here.  Be safe, be kind…be excellent to one another.



6 thoughts on “I’m finally ready to talk about the new president.”

  1. It’s always been difficult for me to refrain from putting more negative into the world when negative is all I see. Thank you for adding more positive in it. 🙂


  2. My husband gets to hear all my negative spiel but I keep it to a minimum so I don’t wear even his ears out. I am so totally not a fan of Trump. In fact, I hate his guts and hope he gets assassinated and rots in hell for all eternity. But I’m willing to overlook his rotten personality if he turns out to actually do some good as president. And, who knows, maybe he will. Only time will tell. One man can’t ruin or fix the nation. What’s done is done and we should all try to stay positive because being negative never helped anything. I prefer to wait and see what the next 4 years brings us. Maybe we’ll be surprised. 🙂 When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!


    1. Oh, Trump is a horrible human being, but he’s a buffoon. But he can (and has) make appointments and set policy that will make life harder for a LOT of people. I am willing to give the situation the benefit of the doubt because I believe in our system of government. Though lemonade might be a bit much to hope for, lemon juice isn’t deadly. Just hurts like hell when you get it in your papercuts. 😉

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  3. The choice to focus on the positive when all the evidence is issuing gold plated invitations to wallow in the negative may well be the most powerful single decision we can make, no matter what the catalyst. That’s the stuff that changes destines, that is. 😉

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