Brace Yourself. Comic Con Is Coming

I... have no idea what happened to June. Like, the entire month. Let me recap the month for you: work.work.work.work.work.work.HOLY.CRAP.COMIC.CON.IS.IN.TWO.WEEKS.totaldenial. work.work.panic.work.work.work.TOTAL.MELTDOWN.threats.from.friends.if.I.backout. work.work.panic.DEPART FOR CALIFORNIA. Technically that last part happened in July. So, yeah. I'm going to be at San Diego Comic Con this week. I was supposed to go last year, but had to not [...]

Real Life

Weekend Update

Hey writer types. Today is Friday, so check out my Genreality post today, which concerns the deceptively simple question: "What do you write?"Here's the update on my grandmother. After the car accident she was in 3 weeks ago, she kept getting worse, not better, and every time they sent her home from the hospital, we'd [...]