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FenCon Schedule (24-25 Sept 16)

Saturday  10:00 AM  – 11:00 AM  Trinity V   

FenCon Squares  

It’s the classic game show Hollywood Squares with a FenCon twist! Join us for an hour of fun and games as our panel of guests try to help (or bluff) our contestants. We even have a “Secret Square” in each game! Come check it out. You might win a prize!

Saturday  12:00 PM  – 1:00 PM  Trinity VI   

Elementary Watson: The Forensics of Sherlock Holmes

When we first meet Sherlock Holmes, he’s beating a cadaver to learn about post-mortem bruising. He used fingerprints to solve crimes before most police departments adopted the practice. Our panelists discuss how Sir Arthur Conan Doyle changed the landscape of police work, and how Sherlock Holmes still informs our forensic detective work today.

Saturday  1:30 PM  – 2:00 PM  Pecan   


You REALLY want to come to this reading. I will read from two upcoming projects and give y’all the scoop before anyone else gets it.

Saturday  2:00 PM  – 2:30 PM  Dealer’s Room   


I will have a limited number of books available. I will also sign programs, notebooks, T-shirts, and (peripheral) body parts. Anything but checks.

Saturday  5:00 PM  – 6:00 PM  Chinaberry   

Can I Really Afford An Editor?

The question is, can you afford not to have one? Many self-published books fail due to lack of sound editing. It’s easy to get too “close” to your work and miss anything from a simple typo to a plot hole large enough to navigate a starship through. Learn the types of editing that are available, the costs, and how to find an editor who is a good fit for you and your work.

Sunday  10:00 AM  – 11:00 AM  Chinaberry   

Ground Control to Major Tom

To those we’ve lost.   Why we loved them and why we won’t forget them.

Sunday  11:00 AM  – 12:00 PM  Trinity V   

Star Trek: 50 and Beyond

With the latest movie, the announcement of a new Star Trek TV series, and Paramount/CBS’s legal requirements for fan films, what does the future hold for the next 50 years?

Sunday  1:00 PM  – 2:00 PM  Irving Lecture Hall   

On a Binge: Marathoning Your Favorite Media  

What’s your favorite way of binging on TV, movies, audiobooks, or podcasts?  With material on so many devices, there’s no reason you couldn’t get though 18 books of Honor Harrington, or five seasons of Welcome to Night Vale, in a weekend.

Sunday  2:00 PM  – 3:00 PM  Chinaberry   

Risks and Rewards of Replication

One of the coolest bits of Trek tech was the replicator. It could even get a cup of tea right! But is there a dark side? Could a replicator make weapons? Or enough gold-pressed Latinum to flood the galaxy?

5 Field Trips

Why five? Because I was going to post this on Friday, so it was supposed to be a “Five on Friday” kind of thing. Only I didn’t, and it’s Tuesday, and Two on Tuesday is too few (say that five times fast), and Ten on Tuesday is too many. So five it is.


I have an article up on the DFW Writers Workshop Site (link: dfwwritersworkshop.org). I was really really stuck about what to write, so I wrote about what to do when you’re really stuck about what to write. Well, first I polled the workshop members who were still at IHOP when I got this brilliant idea of how to make other people do the work of my blog post for me. Anyway, go read it. There’s some good advice in there, and only a little bit of it was from me.


Perseids Meteor Shower Photo by David Kingham, used under CC license

Perseids Meteor Shower over Snowy Range in Wyoming ©️David Kingham — DavidKingham.com

#2. The Perseids meteor shower reaches it’s peak on August 12th. When I lived in the country, Mom, Dad, and I would lay outside (drenched in Backwoods Off, obviously) and watch them, far away from the light pollution of the city. We could see the Milky Way on a good night, too.

I’m not investment-level into stargazing, but rather one of those people who only gets into something when something cool happens. (Like the World Cup, or the Olympics.)

But my point is, I want to drive out of town to somewhere I can watch these as if I knew anything about them.

What I’d really like to do is rent a camper van, pack up the dog, and maybe the mom, and go find a campground. Provided the campground has electricity and a bathroom with showers and flushing toilets. I mean, let’s not get ridiculous.

That’s the way my family camped when I was a kid, and, I don’t know, it appeals to my inner hippie. As long as I get back to civilization now and then to get a flat white and a croissant.

#3. FenCon XIII — DFW (well, Irving) — September 23-25

This Science Fiction and Fantasy convention was where I made my debut as a professional writer type. I’ve missed a couple of years, but I’m really excited to be going back. And also… I might be debuting something new once again. #mysterious (fencon.org)


I never make a big enough deal about the Siren’s Conference, an annual symposium on women in fantasy and science fiction that has become one of the highlights of my year. Symposium sounds very hoity-toity, but imagine a small con (SFF con) full of people who you’d actually seek out in the bar, who don’t want to promote anything, they just want to sit around and talk about books, and maybe analyze how they fit into, reflect, or have the potential to change society. All the info is here: sirensconference.org. The site explains it better than I can. But anyway, I’m going to that.

#5. The movie theater

Star Trek Beyond

I already went to see this. You should go see this if 1) you like the original TV series but didn’t care for the first two NewTreks; 2) like science fiction with a heaping great wollop of really cool stuff. I think my friend Sally said it best: it doesn’t try to be anything but what it is, which is an adventure with a starship that goes where no one has gone before, gets the crap kicked out of them by something they’ve never seen, and then has to use their collective and individual skills to get themselves out of their jam. Oh, and save this incredibly cool space station in the process. Also? Cool, kickass girl alien, Kirk/Spock/Bones banter, and an overall message that there is strength in unity.


Star Trek Beyond :: Yes, this is your mother’s Star Trek, which is why it’s so awesome.


And I am not at all influenced by the fact that Bones, my favorite character, got to actually do cool stuff in this movie.


Don’t listen to the haters. It’s not perfect, but it’s clever and entertaining. Which is exactly my feeling about the first one. The original now has the glow of nostalgia, but it was a ridiculous and fun movie. This one is the same. Incidentally, Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig are kind of hit and miss with me, but I loved McCarthy and Wiig’s character was likable. Leslie Jones was awesome,  but Kate McKinnon stole the show as Holtzmann.

I don’t particularly care if we get a big screen sequel, but let’s talk about a reboot of The Real Ghostbusters animated series. Please?



Brace Yourself. Comic Con Is Coming

I… have no idea what happened to June. Like, the entire month.

Let me recap the month for you: work.work.work.work.work.work.HOLY.CRAP.COMIC.CON.IS.IN.TWO.WEEKS.totaldenial.
work.work.panic.DEPART FOR CALIFORNIA.

Technically that last part happened in July.

So, yeah. I’m going to be at San Diego Comic Con this week. I was supposed to go last year, but had to not go at pretty much the last minute.  I’ve not mentioned this because 1) I’ve been working really really hard both to afford the trip and to get some Very Important Stuff done before I go, had have barely come up for air, let alone Internet; 2) I’ve been in denial. Seriously. I have no plan, I don’t know who is going to be there (unless I know them personally), and I have my calming mantra Sharpied on my arm.

Just in case you live under a rock, San Diego Comic Con is such a huge thing that it makes even normal non-nerd news cycles, because it’s not just deep nerd stuff, but movies and TV shows and all that. Why do people go? Because random stuff like this happens:

Loki surprise appearance at  Comic Con

Loki surprise appearance at Comic ConC

Cool, right? I’m going to a place where there is a real possibility someone famous (more famous than me) could photo bomb my selfie.

Why am I panicking? To get to the panel where the above surprise happened you had to stand in this:

The line to get into the infamous

The line to get into the infamous “Hall H”

Obviously, I’m not going to do that. But here’s what the inside looks like (according to my research, by which I mean my Googling, because if it’s on the Internet, it must be true):

comic con crowd

Right now, you are all going “Rosemary, you WIMP.”

Am I? Maybe I am a walking Panic Attack waiting to happen.

Or maybe I’m posting those pictures from past comic cons so you won’t envy me too much.

The truth this, I’ll be hanging out where the book stuff is happening, which won’t be nearly the madhouse that the movie stuff is.  My friends Rachel Caine, Jenny Martin, and A. Lee Martinez (and many other acquaintances) will be on panels. If you ARE going to SDCC and you want a break from the MAJOR madness and deal with only MINOR madness, look them up and come see us.

(I’ll be the one rocking myself in the corner. Ha. Ha. Just Kidding.)

Or you can follow me on Twitter and see if anyone famous photobombs my selfies.

Professor X Photobombs Wolverine and fans. Hashtag Epic

Professor X Photobombs Wolverine and fans. Hashtag Epic

My TLA Schedule (for Librarian Stalkers)


Random Viggo Mortensen. Hey, there’s a book in this picture. It’s related.

The TLA Conference is next week in Fort Worth!   For all you Texas Librarians, here’s my schedule. Please come and say hi! I love me some librarians.

TLA Schedule

Wednesday 4pmSpirit of Texas Program (with Gail Giles, CC Hunter, Cynthia Leitich Smith and Jennifer Ziegler)  Convention Center Room 121B

Thursday 1-2pm — AUTOGRAPHING!  I will be signing books in the Autographing Area, Aisle 2. PLEASE COME SO I LOOK POPULAR!

Friday 3 – 4pm — Signing in the BOOK FESTIVALS OF TEXAS book (#2145). There will be books for purchase and I will be giving away stuff. This is the best place to stop by and say “hi” and find out about book festivals in Texas, too!

Friday 5:30 – 6pm — Texas Teens 4 Libraries (TT4L) Omni Hotel, Ballroom 5  (One of my favorite events, as I get to talk to actual teenagers about actual books. 😀 )

Saturday 10am — Program: Paranormally Yours (with Jennifer Lynn Barnes, Margaret Stohl and Cate Tiernan)  Convention Center Room 203 ABC

YAKing It Up at YAKfest 2013

I have some events coming up, and I’ve been remiss about updating the appearances page. But this one is SOON—Saturday, January 19th, to be exact—and it’s going to be freaking amazing. All these YA authors in one spot and FREE! Details below! lemmling-yak


If you haven’t heard of YAK Fest, then listen up. It’s the newest (and hippest) YA book festival in Texas. And we want YOU to come.
Here’s the deal, it’s free fun entertainment and you just might make a new friend or two.
Maybe even get your picture taken with your favorite author. So, check out the 411 below and COME.

WHEN: Saturday, January 19, 9am – 5pm
COST: Dude, it’s FREE.
OPEN DOOR: Come when you can and stay for as long as you like,
of course we want you there all day!

WHERE: Keller High School, 601 N. Pate Orr Rd. Keller, TX 76248
SOCIAL MEDIA: twitter / facebook / blog

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Simone Elkeles, BAM. That’s what we’re talking about.

Panels of AWESOME Breakdown:

Keeping It Real – Jessica Anderson, Charles Benoit, Chris Crutcher (afternoon only), Simone Elkeles, Guadalupe Garcia McCall,
Jessica Warman, Lori Aurelia Williams and Shannon Greenland

This is Not Normal – Rosemary Clement Moore, Cory Oakes, Victoria Scott,
Mary Lindsey and Jeff Hirsch

This is Not Normal Either – Krissi Dallas, Tracy Deebs,
Greg Leitich Smith and Andrea White

Vampire Smack Down – Cynthia Leitich Smith, Rachel Caine
and Jason Henderson

Poetry Workshop – Colin Gilbert

A Walk on the Weird Side – Kelley Milner Halls

Choctaw Tales – Tim Tingle

Because we know you’ll have questions, here are some things that CAN and WILL HAPPEN:
There will be books available for purchase from The Book Carriage,
and they will be selling books all day.
The Book Carriage will accept cash and credit cards.
You may bring some books from home for authors to sign.
Food and drinks will be available for purchase at lunch.

Why, yes there is a twitter hashtag. It’s #YAKFest13 – thanks for asking. We WANT you to tweet.
Of course you can talk and have your picture taken with your favorite author(s) during the signing.
We insist upon it.

Where is YAK Fest being held?

Keller High School
601 N. Pate Orr Rd.
Keller, TX. 76248

Do I have to register for this event?

No preregistration is needed; you can just show up the day of the event!
We will have registration tables at the entrance so you can complete a brief survey and register to win door prizes.

YAK Fest is open to all lovers of YA lit.

Can I buy books at YAK Fest?

Yes indeed! The Book Carriage, an independent bookshop in Roanoke, TX, will be on hand
to sell books by all our authors.

I already have books! May I bring them to be signed?

Yes, you may bring books you already own, but we cannot promise that all the authors will be able to sign multiple books for you.
There may be a limit of one or two books for autographs.

Is YAK Fest on Facebook? Twitter?

Yep! You can “like” us and then yak at us right here:
(copy the link and paste it into your browser, please)

Follow us on Twitter @YAK_Fest
hashtag #YAKfest13

Guinea Pigs and Bad Dogs

I am practicing using my Dragon speaking program for my blog posts. Just being upfront about that in case it says anything weird. For examples, see this post here. I’ve also noticed he doesn’t like it when I yell at my dogs. If you ever see a blog post with the weird interjection, like, "Penny, stop that!" Or "Penny, where did you get that?" Or, just a general, "what the hell is going on here?!?" You’ll know why.

Anyway, my first attempt, is over here: at my Genreality post for Friday.

You’ll also find my guest post on the fictionista’s blog (yeah, I figured that word would give it trouble. Since I use so many made-up words, let’s hope this thing has a steep learning curve.) Anyway I’m talking about the joys of being a nerd, so go check it out and confess your secret dorkitude.

Most important, if you live in the North Texas area, you’ll want to come and say hi at the Denton Barnes & Noble this Saturday (February 20th) from two to 4 PM. I will be signing books with four other North Texas authors. The details are here, and I hope to see you there.

That’s it for me today. More news and blathering (it recognized blathering! It’s already getting to know me.) on Monday. Catch you then, peeps!

Weekend Update

Hey writer types. Today is Friday, so check out my Genreality post today, which concerns the deceptively simple question: "What do you write?"

Here’s the update on my grandmother. After the car accident she was in 3 weeks ago, she kept getting worse, not better, and every time they sent her home from the hospital, we’d end up back in the ER a day or two later.  Eventually they figured out she had congestive heart failure. Now, on ER and Gray’s Anatomy, this would mean she had only until the end of the episode to live, but actually you can get along okay for awhile. Sometimes a good long while, comparatively speaking.  So she’s been at a rehab hospital building up her strength, and she’ll coming home today. Which will make her SO happy.  What can I say. The women in my family are set in their ways, like their own STUFF and not to be on anyone elses schedule. But we do what we have to do.

Speaking of schedules. Mine is heating up again.  I’m off to Aggie Con in College Station, TX this weekend. (My schedule is below so you’ll know where to find me.)  And on February 18th, I’m doing a LIVE WEB CHAT on Fiercebook.  Details on that to come.  And a booksigning in Denton, TX on February 20th.

Here’s my AggieCon schedule.

5 PM  Paper or Plastic. The Great E-Reader Debate.

7 PM "Out of Context" – Audience participation is a must as our guests make up science fiction/fantasy definitions for obscure words and abbreviations. (Think Balderdash with a spec fic twist!) (I don’t know why I get picked for these things. You’d think I was a good bull***t artist or something. ahem.

11 AM "Sorcerers in the Sewers, Dragons in the Penthouse"  Urban Fantasy Panel

12 PM "Writing Workshop Part I, Criticism 101" – Bring the first few pages of your manuscripts to get feedback by professional writers.

3 PM  "Sci-Fi Stitch and Bitch"  Bring your knitting, sit around and talk. What could be more fun.

4 PM  Fashion Show!  Everyone shows of their fancy SFF duds, and I’m the MC so please come and pretend I’m entertaining.

8 PM "Do Kids Still Get Goosebumps?" – YA and kidlit panel.

9 PM "Geek Chic TV" – Is nerd back in? (Answer: When did it go out?)

11 AM "A Warlock, a Demon and a Monk Walk Into a Bar" – What’s so funny about sci fi and fantasy?

12 PM "Colonel Mustard In the Drawing Room with the Wrench…"  Fantasy and Mystery crossovers.