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On the Second Day of Christmas…

So, the Christmas report. Here's my Christmas Tree, with Mom's present under it. I sort of love that it looks like Charlie Brown's Christmas Tree. We also had an Advent wreath this year: Sweet, right? Only yesterday I realized I didn't have a candle holder for the white candle in the middle, the one you… Continue reading On the Second Day of Christmas…

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Friday Faves – The Twisted, The Pretty, and the Yummy

Here's what's floating my boat this week. Why? Because "Friday Faves" sounds cool. 1. Gillian Flynn. This is not a YA author. (Not by any stretch of the imagination.) She writes books about grisly murders and really twisted up characters. Her book Gone Girl is a best seller, and deservedly so. Her books keep me… Continue reading Friday Faves – The Twisted, The Pretty, and the Yummy


On Pomegranates and Pomeranians

I had the weirdest craving yesterday-- for pomegranate of all things. (Heh. I misspelled that, and it autocorrected to "Pomeranian" which would have been an entirely different post.) Which is weird, because I don't like pomegranate juice, or any kind of flavoring. But the real thing? Had. To. Have. Some. Maybe it's because I don't… Continue reading On Pomegranates and Pomeranians