iLesson: Don’t hammer the funny

Mosquitos Suck contest update. Thanks to your generosity, and helping me spread the word, we contributed hundreds of dollars to the efforts to end malaria. I have the winners of the drawing, and I'm contacting them via e-mail. I'll post those that are cool with my putting their name on the blog (hey, not everyone… Continue reading iLesson: Don’t hammer the funny


Last days to enter to win Big Book Prizes!

It's the final days of the Highway to Hell/Mosquitos Suck contest! Check out the list of prizes below! Bookstore gift cards! Tons of books! You have until April 30th to donate ANY amount (even $1) to Nothing but Nets. (Click here to go directly to the donation page.) Don't forget to forward your confirmation email… Continue reading Last days to enter to win Big Book Prizes!


Elementary my dear Holmes…

I love Sherlock Holmes. My dad was a big fan, and introduced me to Arthur Conan Doyle’s mysteries when I was just a tyke. We watched every version of Holmes on the screen, too.There’s the classic, Basil Rathbone of course:Dad loved Jeremy Brett from the BBC series, and considered him the closest to the Holmes… Continue reading Elementary my dear Holmes…


"Mosquitos Suck" Contest

I hate mosquitoes. There’s this pivotal scene in Highway to Hell that draws on my experience in south Texas, where some days, if you stand still for an instant, you’re covered in the little bloodsuckers.But that's not so bad, relatively speaking. Because in Africa, the bite of one mosquito can transmit malaria, a disease which… Continue reading "Mosquitos Suck" Contest