Notebook with 2022 Goals crossed out and rewritten
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2022 New Years Year’s Resolutions (Draft)

1. Become more active on social media.

1. Do less catastrophizing.

2. Change FaceBook status to “Marooned on a desert island.”

2. Scotch “abducted by pirate” rumors.

3. Stop second-guessing.

3. Be more decisive.

3. Set realistic goals.

4. Rearrange bookshelves.

4. Color-code bullet journal.

4. Organize notes into Personal Knowledge System.

4. Stop procrastinating.

4a. Stop reading articles about how to stop procrastinating.

5. Send Happy Holiday Cards before the holidays.

5. Send Happy Holiday Cards before Twelfth Night.

5. Wish Friends, Readers, and Relations a Healthy and Happy New Year.

Wishing you peace and joy in 2022.
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4 thoughts on “2022 New Years Year’s Resolutions (Draft)”

  1. Several years ago (maybe 5 or 6), we, that is, you, me and my youngest granddaughter, had lunch together at that year’s SoonerCon. And now I am rereading your stories. Because, you know, there aren’t any new ones!

    I really do love your writing. I hope you are well, and that writing is still on your to-do list.


    1. Thank you for this! I do remember you, I just can’t believe it was so long ago. 2021 was definitely a “get back on the horse” kind of year, but I’m writing and I’ve got several things in the works. 🙂


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