Email Shenanigans of the Undead

The Stuff:

Due to Internet Shenanigans, I have a new email address. Any and all comments will get to me regardless, but if you want to email me directly don’t use the address, because it will go into the black void of space.

You can reach me at

No hyphen, and the period doesn’t really matter except to make it easier to read.

And yeah. If you’re waiting on an email answer from me, this may be why. You might want to resend. *chagrin*


Strange Afterlives CoverMy colleague A. Lee Martinez has edited STRANGE AFTERLIVES, an anthology of stories about undead things. Not on purpose, but the authors are all part of the DFW Writer’s Workshop. Despite the fact that A. Lee Martinez is my arch-nemesis, I agreed to contribute a story to the anthology, and you can get the ebook here on Amazon for 99 cents. Just a note, the stories range from gruesome to hilarious to poignant, and there’s adult content in some (but not all) of the stories. But 99 cents! That’s less than a cup of coffee.



News bulletin from the writing cave

Yes, I’m still flying the flag, but here’s a few cool things going on:

Spirit and Dust as been chosen as an ALA Quick Pick for Reluctant Readers.  Yay!!!!

I am totally jazzed to be included in this list, because a lot of bookish people love my books (and I’m so grateful!) but it’s cool that someone (enough someone’s to make a panel) thinks that people who don’t already love books will enjoy my writing.

FYI, I’m not sure I posted that Spirit and Dust was also chosen by the Texas Library Association for the TAYSHAS list.  That is also a huge honor and I didn’t want to not point that out. Because, ego, whatever.

Finally,  I have something new coming out, but it’s not a novel. Do you like Veronica Roth’s Divergent series?  Have you not read it, but you want to know something about it before the movie comes out?  Do you just want to find out what the buzz is about?

DivergentThinking_FrontCoverFrom Smart Pop Books: Divergent Thinking. Your favorite authors (like me!) writing about your favorite books. My essay is called “From Fire Signs to Factions” and it sets the Factions of Divergent’s world in context of ancient and modern astrology, current psychological typing, and also, superheroes.  Because how many times do you get to read an essay that talks about Ptolomy, Neville Chamberlain, Carl Jung, Meyers-Briggs, 70’s singles bar pick up lines, Shakespeare, Disney movies, DC and Marvel comics all in the same essay!*

There’s also articles from other smart people who are smart about other things: Blythe Woolston, Debra Driza, Maria V. Snyder, Jenna Snyder, Elizabeth Norris, Dan Krokos, Jenn Lynn Barnes, Julia Karr, Janine K. Spendlove, Elizabeth Wein, Mary Borsellino.  But it’s my blog so whatever.

Anyway. I know a lot of librarians and teachers read this blog, and this might be something you want for your kids to read so they can be all like, Hey, so THAT’S how this books series about jumping off trains relates to actual real world history and psychology and stuff. 

You can find out more and read samples at the Divergent Thinking page on Smart Pop Books.**  There’s links from there to online retailers. The book comes out March 4th, but you can preorder it to be ready for the movie. Whoot.

Okay. Back to writing before Mom comes downstairs and finds out I’m on the Internet. Because that’s my life. Whoot. 🙂

* This is why my English teachers either loved me or hated me.

** I have also contributed to their books on the Twilight series (A New Dawn), the Uglies/Pretties series ( Mind Rain), and the Percy Jackson series (Demigods and Monsters).



Book News!

There is a ton of book news in this post, and some of it is mine!

My March “Fresh Takes” column is up at Fresh Fiction. It’s an eclectic selection, based mostly on what sounds like an entertaining read. I try to find a mix of paranormal romance, sff, and some contemporary romance.  (You can also catch up on January and February’s lists.)

Robots versus Slime Monsters Cover

The cover!

But what I’m really excited to talk about is my friend A. Lee Martinez‘s Kickstarter project, his Robots vs. Slime Monsters Anthology. Just look at that cool cover!  One of the tiers for contributors  includes a signed print of the cover, which features characters from all ten of Alex’s books. Alex is my friend, but he’s received all kinds of award and honors, he’s a best selling author, and his books are awesome—Witty, original and wildly entertaining. They’re not YA, but they’ve received recognition as adult books with appeal to teen readers.

Notoriously, Alex doesn’t do sequels, so if you’re a fan of his, this is a rare opportunity to revision favorite characters. Plus, it’s robots vs. slime monsters.

While I’m on the subject of Cool Ways to get books into readers hands, let me just say that it’s kind of an exciting time to be an author. E-books don’t go out of print. Libraries that loan e-books aren’t limited by shelf space. Authors have the chance to reissue their older (pre-ebook) backlist. And they can do nifty independent projects.

This is a kind of labor of love from my friend Heidi Berthiaume. She wrote and illustrated a picture book called Bud the Bunny. It’s absolutely adorable. But then she turned it into a really cool Bud The Bunny iPad app. It’s an interactive book. (I know, there are more of these now, but when she did it, there was nothing like it. I still think it’s really original.) Anyway, it’s too cute, and it’s an independent publication I can recommend without reservation.

Four stories, four dates. How can these dates by mistake turn into love ever after?

Four stories, four dates. How can these dates by mistake turn into love ever after?

And speaking of changes in publishing and opportunities for authors—I’ve got an e-book coming out next week from Entangle Publishing. It’s called Date by Mistake—an anthology featuring Gwen Hayes, Candace Havens and Shannon Leigh, and Jill Monroe. (You can pre-order it on Amazon and This is something totally new for me. My novella is an adult romance very (very) loosely based on Persuasion. Alex Drake broke Kiara Fredericks’ heart in college. Now he has a chance to win her back, if he can manage not to screw it up.

Now, here’s the disclaimer: This is not a YA book.  My story is pretty tame. Except for a little bit of language, it’s nothing you wouldn’t see on basic cable, in a tastefully lit bedroom scene. Some of the other stories, though, are more HBO than TNT. Wonderful stories, but quite racy. Now, I was reading Harlequin Blaze novels in high school, so I’m not deluding myself that some of you aren’t reading them, too. But I don’t want any angry letters from your mother.

And finally, any Percy Jackson fans out there?  I have an essay in the expanded and updated edition of Demigods and Monsters from Smart Pop Books. This is a collection of non-fiction essays from your favorite authors on this super popular Middle Grade/YA series, just in time for the second Percy Jackson movie, Sea of Monsters, coming out this summer. (And starring Nathan Fillion as Hermes. I just found that out.)

So there’s that. Print books, e-books, racy books, kids books and middle grade books. I think I’ve covered it all.  Go check out the kickstarter page or A. Lee Martinez’s webpage today. The kickstarter drive ends Saturday/Sunday at midnight.

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Happy Dancing!

So, it’s been radio silence from me for awhile, including on Twitter, which is unusual, to say the least. Here’s what it usually means if I’m quiet on Twitter:


Only recently, I’ve been up to something. Something sneaky!


But now I can tell you!  Here’s the official type notice:

Award-winning YA author Rosemary Clement-Moore has sold two new Young Adult novels to Krista Marino at Delacorte Press in a very nice deal by Lucienne Diver of The Knight Agency.  

So now here’s why I’m not Tweeting much. I’m too busy doing this:


Y’all know I’m really really superstitious about talking about books before they’re written. I can tell you neither of these are sequels or related to things I’ve written before, except for their being AWESOME. But I’ll start dropping hints as we go along.

Now I have to stop dancing and get to work!  It’s going to be a busy year!


Brimstone is available today!  You can get it in your favorite bookstore, online or in person, and in many e-book forms!  And what a bargain! It’s two books in one!

I’ll be posting excerpts all week on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and this blog.  Are you following all those things?  It’s the best way to find out about late breaking news and impromptu contests and giveaways.  (Impromptu is code for “RCM doesn’t always plan very far ahead.)

Today’s News: Want to get your copy of Brimstone (or any of my other books) signed?  I will be joining the Smart Chicks Kick It Tour in Montreal Canada this Saturday the 14th and in Philadelphia on Tuesday the 18th.  Details, including the locations, times and what other authors will be there are all on the Smart Chicks page.

Brimstone Cover Today’s Random Brimstone Excerpt:

 The air seemed eerily quiet once the EMTs were gone.I found myself at the edge of the pool, looking for… I don’t know what. Another glimpse of black shadow, a whiff of something other than chlorine. I’m not sure what it would mean if I did smell something. That I was crazy? Or that I wasn’t. 

I never saw the future. I couldn’t have warned Karen any more than I could have warned my grandparents the night they died. There was nothing I could have done. 

“Of course there wasn’t.” 

My heart slammed against my ribs. I jumped, too, arms windmilling to keep myself from somehow defying physics and falling into water three feet away. 

“What! Careful.” Big, tanned hands caught my waist. Well, where my waist would be if I wasn’t wearing the World’s Most Unflattering Swimsuit.

Last Week’s Winners: Congratulations to the winners of their very own signed copy of Brimstone. Izzybella won the random drawing (by being comment #28 as picked by and Milena won the arbitrary “Most Creative Essay” award that I just made up because she amused me. Email me and send me your addresses so I can send your books!

Today’s Totally Impromptu Contest: Wish me and Maggie Quinn a Happy Book Birthday in the comments or on Twitter or Facebook and I’ll pick someone to win a copy of BRIMSTONE!  (If you’ve already bought it, you know you can give away one copy to a friend. Or an enemy you want to make into a friend.)

Brimstone cover reveal and a little something extra

I’ve mentioned before that the first two books of the Girl vs. Evil series are being released in a new edition in September.

Without further ado, I present the cover of BRIMSTONE.

Here’s the cover copy:
Slinking down the streets, hiding in the shadows, always lurking just out of sight, evil follows Maggie Quinn. It’s no ordinary, everyday evil, either—it’s Evil with a capital E, and whatever’s behind it, it clearly wants Maggie.
But Maggie isn’t the type of girl to go down without a fight. She has a few powerful tricks up her sleeve, not to mention a best friend who’s a witch, and she’s declaring open season on demons.
BRIMSTONE is available on September 11, 2012.
In honor of Maggie’s new digs, I’m giving away something.
Answer these three questions in the comments section correctly to enter to win a signed copy of your choice of any of my books (including BRIMSTONE, you just have to wait a little longer).
1. What is one thing Maggie is afraid of?
2. What’s Maggie’s preferred way of dispatching demons?
3. What is the name of Maggie’s best friend?
Bonus (for tie-breaking):
4. What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?
Good luck!