I’ve been writing stories all my life, even when I should have been doing other things, like studying Algebra. My first paying job was as Chuck E. Cheese. I worked in theatre for years, and now I’m writing full time, which is my dream job, because I get to work in my pajamas and take a break every afternoon to play Guitar Hero.


(aka Penelope Pitstop, Princess Fang, Cupcake)

Anything else you can find out from the blog!


11 thoughts on “About

  1. I just watched “Sylvia” as we tried to copy it to DVD to downsize my library as we’re moving. You were so wonderful, I googled you and found all this magic stuff about writing books. Amazing grapes! I guess I can say I knew you when. Good to see all is well with you. :~}

  2. hello ms rosemary i am a student form lady bird middle school in Texas and i would like to know if you could skype with my book club about your book Texas Gothic thank you – Amethyst

  3. I just finished reading Texas Gothic and enjoyed it immensely. I hope it will be a movie someday. Your writing style is charming , insightful and down to earth. Thank you! Yvonne M.

  4. hey, I am a girl from South Africa who has to do a reading project. I chose your book ‘The Splendour Falls’ and i have to say that i really enjoyed it! This project is such a lus, but reading your book made it better! Hoping to read more of your books, cheers

  5. ohmygosh.I have decided that you are on my mental bulletin board of cool people and killer authors. Like seriously, plus the main chicks in ”Texas Gothic” and ”Spirit and Dust” are like on my wavelength! (The list of similarities is tangent-y!) minus the hunks.Well I just absolutely loved meeting you(I’m the hysterical girl with the crappy hair from the book club) I enjoy your work and totally plan on reading anything and everything you toss out into local Barns & Nobles, or more realistically Half Price Books… sorry for ranting. Love the books,love you, whatever your doing just keep doing! (:

  6. Hi I love your books!!! I’ve just read brimstone, and I was only going to read a chapter but ended up staying the whole day in bed. I just wanted to ask, what advice can you give any people who want to start writing? It is something I always wanted to do, but now that I’ve got a job, it seems so hard to make time.. Thanks :)

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