Here’s where I (try to) keep a list of upcoming events in person and online.

I have some school and library stuff going on, but I will all be at these things:

I loved attending this conference as a Guest of Honor last year. So much so that I planned on going back this year as an attendee. Only I proposed a class, so I’ll be talking about “Unpacking your Character’s Baggage” (Character development, basically).  Check out the website for info on this annual conference celebrating women in Science Fiction and Fantasy literature.

I enjoy doing library and school visits and I speak frequently to writers groups (teens and adults). I’m also happy to do do Skype or FaceTime visits, online Q&As, and so forth. Technology is a wonderful thing.  Just drop me a line (or if you’re a student, have your teacher or librarian do it).


12 thoughts on “Events

      • Hello i would like to know if you could Skype with my book club i live in Irving Texas and we will be reading your book Texas Gothic and many more of your books and if you can please make your next Thursday available.

        here is my librarians E-Mail April Scott please email her

  1. Dear Rosemary,

    A few years ago my library did a writers workshop and I loved it. Do you think you could work something out with my community library and do something like that for us. It would be a great honor to learn from you. Writing is my passion and I really want to get better at it, but there are not any opportunities in my tiny county.


    • Hi Paige! I understand. And as it happens, I LOVE teaching writing workshops. I suggest finding out who coordinates the community events at your library and tell them your interest. (It might help if you do a little groundwork and think about who else would be interested, too–high school writing teachers, and so on.) I’ll be happy to work with your library.

  2. Rosemary,

    Hi! This is Eric with the Mary Lib Saleh Euless Public Library and I’ve tried to contact you with the e-mail address that Lacey has on file for you, but it keeps coming back as undelivered. I was trying to contact you in regard to a couple of events the library is having. Would you please contact me back at Many thanks in advance! -Eric

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