Oh Canada

Today’s blog post is coming to you from on the road. Or on the rails, rather, since I’m typing in the cafe car of the Adirondack express, en route from Montreal to New York City. (I have no idea of the exact town we’re passing through, but it has a beautiful church.)

I loved Montreal, even though I was only there for about thirty-six hours. Downtown was really lovely. A little bit european feeling, a little bit New York with the international feel. But not a fraction as big, and much cleaner and less crowded. Actually, not that much like New York at all. But it probably reminded me more of cities in England. Except all the signs were in French.

(Oh!  The Royal Military College! We just passed that. That’s where I am.)

Arrived Friday night, and despite the fact that I was right off of Rue de Sainte Catherine, where the shops and restaurants are open until midnight on Friday, I was lame and had room service.

Saturday I woke up at the crack of dawn. Seriously. I don’t know if it was because the sun came up so early, but it was 4 am my time. So I rolled over and went back to sleep. Then I went out for breakfast and had crepes.  Nutella and banana. I had them at this place:

But I didn’t take a picture of my food because there was a table full of Italians next to me complaining about tourists. Which was kind of funny. But I was definitely not going to out myself by taking a snap of my delicious Nutella and banana crepe.

Then I walked around, burning off my breakfast, found a cafe with wifi, found out that my leisurely plan to stroll over to the Chapters bookstore on Rue de Sainte Catherine was FOILED by the fact that the booksigning wasn’t at that bookstore at all, but out in Pointe Claire. NOT THE SAME THING AT ALL.  It was pure dumb luck that I mentioned something offhand about walking to the shop and the other authors were like, “Wait. You can’t walk here from there.”

Cue my frantic search for a taxi to take me to the right place. It’s not a proper RCM trip without at least one OMG I’m in the wrong place moment. But I got there in time!

The booksigning was Freaking Amazing. There was a whole section of book bloggers who trekked in from the wilds of Toronto and Ottawa to see us. (And my “us” I mean the fabulous headliners, but I had fans coming to see me, too.) And look!  I got a present. I can’t wait to wear them on the one day it gets below freezing in Texas:

RCM with Canada mittens

Showing off a gift from a reader. Photobomb by Rachel Caine. (How many people can say that?)

Here’s a snap of the authors at work, signing and greeting their fans.

Melissa Marr and Kami Garcia (and in the far background, Kelley Armstrong) signing like crazy!

The next stop (for me) is New York City, for about 24 hours. Yay!  Then Philadelphia for the last stop on the Smart Chick’s Tour. September 18th, 2012, 7:00 pm, Oxford Valley Barnes & Noble, Philadelphia, PA.

I’ll be signing BRIMSTONE!  You can get your copy in your local bookstore, and I can send you a signed bookplate to put in it!  Just email me for information!


Brimstone is available today!  You can get it in your favorite bookstore, online or in person, and in many e-book forms!  And what a bargain! It’s two books in one!

I’ll be posting excerpts all week on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and this blog.  Are you following all those things?  It’s the best way to find out about late breaking news and impromptu contests and giveaways.  (Impromptu is code for “RCM doesn’t always plan very far ahead.)

Today’s News: Want to get your copy of Brimstone (or any of my other books) signed?  I will be joining the Smart Chicks Kick It Tour in Montreal Canada this Saturday the 14th and in Philadelphia on Tuesday the 18th.  Details, including the locations, times and what other authors will be there are all on the Smart Chicks page.

Brimstone Cover Today’s Random Brimstone Excerpt:

 The air seemed eerily quiet once the EMTs were gone.I found myself at the edge of the pool, looking for… I don’t know what. Another glimpse of black shadow, a whiff of something other than chlorine. I’m not sure what it would mean if I did smell something. That I was crazy? Or that I wasn’t. 

I never saw the future. I couldn’t have warned Karen any more than I could have warned my grandparents the night they died. There was nothing I could have done. 

“Of course there wasn’t.” 

My heart slammed against my ribs. I jumped, too, arms windmilling to keep myself from somehow defying physics and falling into water three feet away. 

“What! Careful.” Big, tanned hands caught my waist. Well, where my waist would be if I wasn’t wearing the World’s Most Unflattering Swimsuit.

Last Week’s Winners: Congratulations to the winners of their very own signed copy of Brimstone. Izzybella won the random drawing (by being comment #28 as picked by and Milena won the arbitrary “Most Creative Essay” award that I just made up because she amused me. Email me and send me your addresses so I can send your books!

Today’s Totally Impromptu Contest: Wish me and Maggie Quinn a Happy Book Birthday in the comments or on Twitter or Facebook and I’ll pick someone to win a copy of BRIMSTONE!  (If you’ve already bought it, you know you can give away one copy to a friend. Or an enemy you want to make into a friend.)

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

(Read all the way to the bottom for a chance to win a copy of Brimstone, which comes out next week!)

Whenever I go too long without Tweeting, my family and friends call or text to make sure I haven’t fallen down the stairs and/or been eaten by my dogs.

This says a lot about how often I tweet. It also says a lot about how I get distracted and forget to tweet. Or, you know, blog.  My Friend Kate (this is an official title, because friendship with me incurs certain privileges and responsibilities) pointed out that I haven’t blogged in two months and since my last post concerned a Potentially Life Threatening Incident, maybe I should put up an entry to say I wasn’t dead yet.

(See how smart my friends are? They have to pass a test. Also, this is the kind of responsibility that falls to them: Remind me of the passage of time. Tell me when people think I’m dead. Dynamite me out of my cave now and then.)

So, here is the recap of my summer since I last posted:

  • Did not die from idiopathic angioedema. (Or as we call it in my house: swelling up for no good reason. And also: take two Benedryl and cancel your plans for the day.)
  • Did not die from bug bite that turned out not to be a bug bite but a staph infection. Did not die from humiliation that a clean freak like me got a staph infection. (Right after being in the hospital. Coincidence?)
  • Had to cancel going to RWA National Conference and presenting the Golden Heart Award. Tragic because I had the most adorable dress. Also tragic because I was supposed to spend the week afterward hanging out with My Friend Kate.
  • Turned in final revision of Spirit and Dust. (Yay!!!!!)
  • Made a playlist and a Pinterest board for Spirit and Dust.
  • Was called for Jury Duty. Was not picked, possibly because I write for teens (case concerned teenagers), or because I have a Twitter and blog, possibly because I’m a smart ass.  (During the selection questions, the defense counsel asked what I did that I had a blog. I answered that I wrote books for teens. Counsel: So you tell lies for a living. Me: I’ll bet people say that about your job, too.)
  • Celebrated the paperback release of Texas Gothic!!!  (If you’re too cheap (like me) to buy it in hard cover, now is your chance.)
  • Did not die from a recurrence of the not-bug-bite.
  • Managed to keep my plants alive all through the summer!  This is a record for me!
  • Received a ginormous box of copies of BRIMSTONE which comes out on September 11th. That’s next week.  OMG THAT’S NEXT WEEK!

Brimstone Cover


Tell me in the comments what you did with YOUR summer vacation. It doesn’t even have to be true. I will randomly draw one name from the comments to win a copy of Brimstone for your very own.

Brimstone cover reveal and a little something extra

I’ve mentioned before that the first two books of the Girl vs. Evil series are being released in a new edition in September.

Without further ado, I present the cover of BRIMSTONE.

Here’s the cover copy:
Slinking down the streets, hiding in the shadows, always lurking just out of sight, evil follows Maggie Quinn. It’s no ordinary, everyday evil, either—it’s Evil with a capital E, and whatever’s behind it, it clearly wants Maggie.
But Maggie isn’t the type of girl to go down without a fight. She has a few powerful tricks up her sleeve, not to mention a best friend who’s a witch, and she’s declaring open season on demons.
BRIMSTONE is available on September 11, 2012.
In honor of Maggie’s new digs, I’m giving away something.
Answer these three questions in the comments section correctly to enter to win a signed copy of your choice of any of my books (including BRIMSTONE, you just have to wait a little longer).
1. What is one thing Maggie is afraid of?
2. What’s Maggie’s preferred way of dispatching demons?
3. What is the name of Maggie’s best friend?
Bonus (for tie-breaking):
4. What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?
Good luck!

Teaser Tuesday – Hot Cover

Here’s a taste of the cover of Brimstone, the two-in-one reissue of my first two books. Let’s hope the book is as hot as the cover:

And here’s a teaser from a randomly picked page inside:

        You wouldn’t think that a day could go downhill after dreaming you were on the roll call for Hell. But it did.
        “Have you voted for the class song yet?” A student council drone shoved a half-sheet of paper in my face. Astrobright Orange is painful at any time of day, but at seven-thirty a.m. it was vomit inducing. Also, the only thing perky I want in front of me at that hour is a coffeemaker. Since the drive-thru line at Take-Your-Bucks had streched to Canada, I was still severely caffeine deprived.  

Book News — Brimstone

Cue the trumpet fanfare. I have a new-to-many-of-you book coming out in September. Yes, THIS September. BRIMSTONE is now available for pre-order on Barnes and Noble and Amazon. (It’s not listed yet on Books a Million or IndieBound, but it will of course be available wherever awesome books are sold.) 

BRIMSTONE is the new two-in-one edition of the first two books in the Girl vs. Evil series.* The cover is still under wraps, but here’s the description:

Slinking down the streets, hiding in the shadows, always lurking just out of sight, evil follows Maggie Quinn. It’s no ordinary, everyday evil, either—it’s Evil with a capital E, and whatever’s behind it, it clearly wants Maggie.

But Maggie isn’t the type of girl to go down without a fight. She has a few powerful tricks up her sleeve, not to mention a best friend who’s a witch, and she’s declaring open season on demons.

I know some of you are going to be SO excited to see Maggie Quinn’s name in the summary, but if you’re already a fan, here’s the bad news. It’s not a new book. (That that you might not want a copy of the cool new edition.) 
But here’s the good news: it’s a chance for more people to become fans of MQ and her crew. So I hope that you’ll recommend it to all your friends and librarians, and maybe we’ll see more of the Girl vs. Evil adventures in the future. 
BRIMSTONE comes out September 11, 2012.  
*If you simply can’t wait, Prom Dates from Hell and Hell Week are still available separately in paperback and e-book format.